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Welcome to new and returning players.  ALL NEW and RETURNING PLAYERS will need to complete an online registration form.

Please follow these instructions carefully, noting that:

All Junior (Ages 8 upwards) registrations must be received by 23rd August 2013
All in2CRICKET (Ages 4 to 7) and Kanga (7 to 8) registrations must be received by 1st October 2013.
No Refunds for rego fees after 23rd August 2013.
We will make every effort to allocate players to teams so that friends can  play in the same team, but please understand that due to pressures of balancing team numbers and skill levels, it is not always possible to satisfy player preferences.  In the club's experience, players quickly go on to make new friends and benefit from playing at a level which matches their abilities.

STEP 1: Select your age group:

Guide to Age Groups:

If you were born before. . .

  . . and your age on 31-Aug 2013 is . . .

your lowest Age Group is.

1 September 2009

4 years

U5 In2Cricket

1 September 2008

5 years

U6 In2Cricket

1 September 2007

6 years

U7 In2Cricket / Kanga

1 September 2006

7 years

U8 Kanga

1 September 2005

8 years


1 September 2004

9 years


1 September 2003

10 years


1 September 2002

11 years


1 September 2001

12 years


1 September 2000

13 years


1 September 1999

14 years


1 September 1998

15 years


1 September 1997

16 years


1 September 1996

17 years


1 September 1995

18 years or more


More information on the above game formats and typical game durations is provided here.  

STEP 2: Register and pay online 


>> In2 Cricket: $80 inc starter pack (backpack, ball, bat, hat, t-shirt, MILO giveaways Click here for In2Cricket Rego
>> Kanga (Ages 7/8) and Junior (U9 & U10): $150 Click here for Kanga Rego
U9+ Rego has closed
>> Junior Cricket Registration (Ages U11 to 18): $180

Thank you for joining PCC.  We will contact you in late August about grading and to confirm team allocations and match details.